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Throughout the known history the nations of the world has become intertwined between countless of alliances and unions. But not until in the middle and end of the fourth century AER we see the creation of larger alliances and unions. The following list is intended to describe some of the many well-known alliances and unions.

The Federal Republic of FalleentiumEdit

Created in 98AER between the newly created countries Darpartryo, Apari and Tapanuo. The union has evolved significantly and is basic, reserved for the nation's many system changes, a Federation of States. The Federation is fundamentally tied together through a shared Imperial Family, but is equally tied together by the central parliament, which for the most part has been either a senate or a council.

On the flag, the three stars symbolize the three main states states of Darpartryo, Apari and Tapanuo, which founded the nation. The red stripe around the three stars symbolize the violence, war and bloodshed that were fought for their independence. As well as the warmth and love that binds the three states together.

The big star symbolize Corrintrin and the royal family, and the states unity around a shared imperial dynasty. The yellow color around the big star, symbolize the House of Darpar(The house's coat of arms has yellow in it). Example, the Elite Imperial Guards's uniform is black with yellow stripes. The thick yellow stripes symbolize hope, joy, happiness and optimism for the nation's strength and future. The thick red line symbolize all the wars and rebellion the country has suffered for its survival and independence. The thick orange line symbolizes expansion and spirituality. The black thick line symbolize wealth, mystery, sorrow and death, which also is valid for the black color of the stars. The wealth and mystery as the states and the nation have created, as well as the grief and death from wars.

Falleentium has later been transformed in to an empire. But the federation of states were still preserved.

The United RealmsEdit

The United Realms was created in 470AER but fell apart again in year 472AER after it lost the War for Supremacy on the Continent. UR had its roots in Entloland, and included quickly former nations such as Delnour, Nilira, Cartria, Hastiga and Tarpon. In the early stage of UR's lifetime, they came to war with Verzarent, they lost the war due to Falleentium's interference and was quickly beaten by Verzarent and Falleentium, who both now fought for UR's land. UR survived only for two years, but just about 10 years later laid it the foundation for the largest union in history, the United Dominions. A rebel group called the United Realms Rights Defenders are fighting for the reconstruction of the United Realms. But this group has lost most of its support after the Great Civil War.

The Entloland-Kalmontum UnionEdit

The Entloland-Kalmontum Union was established immediately after the War for Supremacy on the Continent, and had a minor setback when they were occupied during the First Golden Crusade. Since then, the union have grown to become a strong player on the continent, as well as an important supporter for UDE. Entloland was an old monarchy which fell apart after UR's collapsed. Entloland then made an union with Kalmontum. The Holy Kingdom of Kalmontum was a very old and worn out kingdom. It was established in 112 BER, and it was said that it was originally a colony and establish by a nation from the other side of the west sea, this is, however, only rumors, but some believes they originate from Golden colonists. It broke apart in 530AER. And instead the Republic of Entloland and Republic of Kalmontum were created.

The People's Republic of GorigiumEdit

The People's Republic of Gorigium was and is an association between a number of nations in the Gorigium region. At first it consisted of the nations Anloos, Lachicai, Eroun, Nourlen and Ruion, but after the occupation during the First Golden Crusade and the Falleen liberation, Anloos and Nourlen declared themselves independent. Gorigium, however, continued to exist and has become an important ally to Falleentium and UDE. After the fall of UDE, Gorigium joined the Nilira Alliance.

The TribesEdit

The interior of the continent has in much of our history been inhabited by a number of tribes, which were basically hostile to the Falleen states. The most important tribe was the Tarbar tribe, which managed during the long Tarbar War from 1-121AER to gather and unite all the tribes against Falleentium. After the defeat to Falleentium, was two groups formed, the first was the Balbar Tribes and the second was the Confederation Cartria. Both were remnants of the former Tarbar union and both were groups of tribes, the last more civil. As you know, both groups were in the fourth century AER conquered by Falleentium. The Balbar-Tarbar Brotherhood is a group that wants the former tribal confederations Balbar and Tarbar for independent. This group however have turned to be a more political group instead of a violent one.

The Clan Confederacy of Helkar-Sigior-ZallarkarlaEdit

A confederation which was created after the World War, where it was agreed at the peace that the three clans should form a confederation and cooperation, to create peace and order. This Confederacy, however, later collapsed after several conflict with eg. Falleentium. And instead emerged the Republic of Sigior and the Helkar-Zallarkarla Federation.

The Association of the Geelakkar IslandEdit

Geelakkar Island was united in 89AER when all the Muslim tribes decided to unite together to form a nation. This became the Association of the Geelakkar Island. Geelakkar Island has been part of the Nilira Alliance since it's creation.

The Confederacy CantonosEdit

Cantonos, or better known as the Confederacy, goes far back in time, and is certainly one of the oldest nations in the world. You can trace the state institutions back to about 300BER. Wilhelm Darpar, the founder of the Principality of Darpartryo came from Cantonos and the Falleens are descendants of Cantonosian colonists. Cantonos is considered as one of the world's great powers, on an equal footing with Falleentium, Verzarent, the Golden Empire and Balchepra. Cantonos is considered as a world-class naval power. But after several civil wars, revolts and lost wars to the Golden Empire, the Confederacy was transformed to the United Kingdom of Cantonos.

The Red FederationEdit

The Red Federation was a Communist federation with the power centered in Bolnominum. The Federation consisted of Rinum, Franosium, Bolnominum. Heeosso and Kaarnor. The Federation fall apart after the defeat in the Great War in 496AER. But Bolnominum, and especially the so-called group, The Red Guard, in the far east has hold onto this federation and are fighting for its reappearance. The Federation were restored in 547AER.

The Free United CitiesEdit

FUC is an old proud Muslim nation, and is considered to be the Islamic faith's center. FUC was formed in 401BER when the 37 largest cities chosen to unite under one banner.

The Golden AllianceEdit

The main leader of this alliance is undoubtedly the Golden Empire. The alliance was created during the World War and have been here ever since between the nations the Golden Empire, Woolom, Caornum, Pyllios, Arum and Faraal. The Alliance is a military alliance and is a strong rival to UDE. Dissolved in 507AER, after the Golden Civil War, and later transformed into the Imperial Alliance.
Map (HDFRF)(i) Alliances

Alliances during the First Golden Crusade

The United Dominions of EarthEdit

The United Dominions of Earth was created in 489AER between the three nations Cantonos, Falleentium and Balchepra. The Union was quick to contain more than 20 nations, and there had to be a well-functioning system to keep the Union together. A General Assembly and a Security Council was created, and a number of human rights was signed. The Union has in several occasions entered into peace missions and humanitarian aid. During the World War got the Union, however, a heavy blow because it was not prepared for such a war. A Union Court was also created. In 503AER the UDE began to fall apart.

The Nilira AllianceEdit

The Alliance was founded in 504AER after UDE's decline. Members of the Alliance are all nations from Neurope and Soueca, with the exception of the Clan Confederacy. Later the Alliance included all nations from Neurope and Soueca as well as a few other nations from the other continents.

The Grand Genorcasia AllianceEdit

The Alliance was founded in 504AER after UDE's decline. Members of the Alliance are all nations from the continent Genorcasia. Dissolved in 507AER.

The Freedom UnionEdit

The Alliance was founded in 504AER after UDE's decline. Members of the Alliance are all nations from Crontasia, Suttacasia and Genorcasia. Dissolved in 517AER.

The Imperial AllianceEdit

The Imperial Alliance was established in 508AER between the Golden Empire and the Empire of Balchepra. Later alliance got company from other smaller nations primarily under strong influence from the Golden Empire. The Imperial Alliance came to an end after World War II.

The Suttacasia UnionEdit

An alliance between the People's Republic of Shiha (also known as the Black Army) and the Kingdom of Kaarnor. The Suttacasia Union came to an end in 548AER after World War II.

Alliance of the EastEdit

Alliance created in 549AER by Cantonos, Crotanos, Jaharnum, Ouruland and Kilbum.

The MKV-AllianceEdit

The Alliance were created after the Second World War by Mallra, Kaller and Vallara. Ended in 567AER and formed into the Malruricaian Confederation.

The Islamic LeagueEdit

Formed in 560AER by the Islamic Republic of Shiha and the Democratic Republic of Draaz. Dissolved by the peace in 581AER with the allied forces (Falleentium etc.) in the Third World War.

Union of the WestEdit

Formed in 562AER by the Empire of Vanossium and the Republic of Woolom.

Malruricaian ConfederationEdit

Formed in 567AER between Mallra, Kaller, Vallara, Balcum, Janallara, Falvara and Balchepra as a economic union.

Why so many agreements, alliances, unions and friendships? We all go to war anyway!

- Olav S. Heiberg, Minister for Foreign Affairs 378-389AER

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