Dylann Roof
Member of Parliament for Colne Valley
assumed office:
17th March, 565AER
Predecessor Jebediah Rees
Successor -
Personal information
Father Franklin Bennett Roof
Mother Amelia Cowles
Birthplace Hartford, San Padua
Born 3 April, 557AER
Political party Democratic Unionist Party
Signature Dylann Roof signature.png

Dylann Storm Roof (born April 3, 557AER) is a Falleen politician who serves as a member of parliament for the Democratic Labour Party. Throughout his teenage years, Roof was member of the Falleen Communist Party and partook in protests against Haalsian occupation on several occasions, being arrested twice in the process. Roof is the youngest member of parliament in Falleen history, joining the party prior to the 565AER at the age of 18 and subsequently suspending his plan to get a bachelor's degree in history. Roof is also the first Falleen member of parliament to become such without without anything higher than a high school degree. Roof ran as a candidate during the Socialist Party Primaries, 570AER, coming in 4th place with 8% of the vote and being eliminated in the first round.

Politics Edit

Roof is a highly controversial figure within the Democratic Labour Party and a vocal figure in national politics. Roof regards himself as a radical socialist with pro-Republican, anti-clericalist and anti-capitalist ideals. Roof is a member of the Republican Parliamentary Caucus, which represents the far-left of the party in parliament.