List of Honorary Members


  • Johnny are appointed an honorary member due to his skillful and eager participation in the roleplay's early years - and was one of the main people behind the creation of the group's foundation and further development. Johnny has also despite a long retirement from RP been a loyal member and user of the group's community. //Vinther, March 3, 2017


  • Monkey was for a very long time an active part of Falleentium's military and administration especially in the early days of the group, and has thus contributed significantly to the roleplay and its events. Monkey is awarded honorary membership for his efforts and help. A major figure in Falleentium and Steam-RP's so-called Golden Age. //Vinther, November 10., 2017


  • Despite Tsubodai's now inactivity in RP, then Tsubodai is awarded honorary membership in Falleentium for his amazing commitment and contribution to the roleplay's military and state administration. Tsubodai was a true patriot and loyal member of the group, and provided his best for the development and maintenance of Falleentium. //Vinther, November 10., 2017