Sebastian Kurz
Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth
assumed office:
17th March, 567AER
Predecessor Brandon Lewis
Chief Whip
Democratic Labour Party
in office:
Predecessor Alex Jones
Successor Esteban Gonzales Pons
Personal information
Father Hermann Kurz
Mother Anita Kurz
Birthplace Meidling, Darpartryo
Born 27 August, 545AER
Political party Socialist Party
Democratic Labour Party
Democratic Unionist Party

Sebastian Kurz (born 27 August 543AER) is a Falleen politician who serves as a member of parliament for the Democratic Unionist Party. Kurz' professional background revolves around his position within the Falleen Trades Union Congress. Here he served as a spokesperson from 565-567AER after which he was elected by the Socialist National Committee (and it's constituent unions) to serve as Union Representative in Parliament for the party.

Early life and education Edit

Kurz was born in the town of Meidling, Darpartryo, where he still lives. He entered the Federal Gymnasium Erlgasse and graduated in 561AER. He studied law at University College Brussels and graduated in 565AER after which he enrolled as an HR Manager for the Falleen Trades Union Congress.