United Koalition of Imperialist Parties
Chairman James Chastel
Parliamentary Leader Ruth Davidson
Deputy Parliamentary Leader Alexander Thorn
Slogan "Believe in Falleentium"
Founded 528AER
Preceded by Loyalist Libertarian Party
Headquarters 85 Verzanian Square, Zarantin, Verzoonium
Newspaper 'The Daily Express'
Youth wing Young Imperialist
Membership  (574AER) 255,000
Ideology Liberal Conservatism
Political position Centre-Right
Official colors          Purple/Yellow
Chamber of Deputies
128 / 850

United Koalition of Imperialist Parties. Edit

Founded by Gregory Husavik and Joseph Leonard Summers UKIP began in 528 AER as the successor of the Loyalist Libertarian Party. The party saw very little success in it's early years only gaining 2% in lower house. However, as the party sprouted it gained several prominent members in the form of it's parliamentary leader Nigel Farage and philanthropist V.Bradley.

Attending many rallies Farage was a strong public speaker and was quickly picked up by the party to become a MP for UKIP’s small percentage. However, with the support of party leaders and other members of parliament Farage managed to deliver several speeches to the chamber of deputies and UKIP soon saw its popularity on the rise. With several elections past UKIP soon saw itself as the third largest party gaining 14% of seats within the chamber of deputies.

From then UKIP entered into coalition with the Falleen People’s party where it passed some of it’s most famous laws such as healthy school meals and a number of shattering work schemes titled Falleentium works.However as the coalition became increasingly fractured from what Farage calls “a disjointed leadership and failure to cooperate from the leading party” lead to the coalition falling apart after UKIP walked out of government and called for a vote of no confidence which passed with the majority of the house.

Although UKIP sought well their wish to see a new government was met with disaster as they dropped dramatically from what is believed to be a low voting turnout. However, another successive and failed government from the Falleen People’s party which saw death and destruction on the Island of Hastiga soon saw yet another election after the Shihan forces were forced off the Island. UKIP once more gained strong support from the electorate reaching 11% of the vote becoming the third largest party.

Twat and white-0

Former UKIP Leader: Nigel Farage

UKIP joined the coalition lead by the Democratic movement and there it now aids in the government of the Falleen Nation

Party Leadership Edit

Portrait Name
Assumed Office Party Role
Ruth-referendum 3031993b The Rt Hon.
Ruth Davidson,
578AER Party Leader
44749025 cairns226bbc The Rt Hon.
Alun Cairns,
575AER Deputy Party Leader
Anthony-head 192450 The Rt Hon.
Geoffrey Howe,
578AER Shadow Finance Secretary
Iford1 The Rt Hon.
Tobias Ellwood,
575AER Shadow Foreign Secretary
IMG 3324 The Rt Hon.
Jacob Rees-Mogg,
575AER Shadow Defence Secretary

Election Results for the United Koalition of Imperialist Parties Edit

Year: Leader Seats % Votes % Swing
534AER Gregory Husavik 39 3 NA 2% Up
536AER Nigel Farage 65 5 7,571,435 5% Up
539AER Nigel Farage 104 8 7,571,200 3% Up
542AER Nigel Farage 143 11 16,656,640 3% Up
548AER Nigel Farage 247 19 33,041,190 8% Up
550AER Liam Neeson 182 14 22,800,554 5% Down
553AER Liam Neeson 182 14 21,545,922 0%
557AER Stephen Colbert 168 21 26,843,672 7% Up
561AER Nicolas Sarkozy 176 22 27,601,617 1% Up
561AER Nicolas Sarkozy 224 28 NA
565 AER Angela Merkel 160 20 26,042,707 2% Down
567AER Angela Merkel 192 24 33,239,964 4% Up

Party Leadership Elections: Edit

Leadership Challenge 548 AER:

UKIP Party Primaries 550 AER,_550AER

UKIP Party Primaries, 557AER,_557AER

UKIP Party Primaries, 561AER,_561AER

Bills proposed by UKIP Edit


Sarkozy failed to stop the rising tide of the Progressive Labour Party.

Below are a list of bills that during it's time in Parliament UKIP has proposed to the chamber of deputies. UKIP has seen a strong success rate.

Healthy School Meals Act of 536AER

Equal Wage Act of 536AER

The Infrastructure Improvement Act of 537AER

The Blind Person's Act

Falleentium Works

Incitement of Disaffection Act of 542 AER

Treason Through Trade Act of 543AER

The Animal Protection Act of 552AER

Amendment to the Referendum Act of 513AER

Government Budget of 549AER

The Animal Protection Act of 552AER

The Imperial Budget of 553AER

Amendments to the Archiving Act of 496AER

The Uniformity of State Education Act of 556AER

The Parliamentary Petition Act

Imperial Budget of 557AER

Military Services Age and Retirement Act of 555AER

Standard Military Code of Justice Act 558AER

Amendments to the Centralisation of Intelligence and Security Service Act of 527AER

The Imperial Investment Act of 559 AER

The Imperial Immigration Act of 559AER

The Refugee Act of 5656AER

New Towns Act of 576AER

The Community Protection Act of 567AER

The Imperial Budget of 567AER

Bundeskanzlerin angela merkel

Angela Merkel became Imperial Chancellor after the 567AER election

The Young Kippers Edit

The Young kippers are an organisation for the young people of Falleentium that enables them to be capable of doing practical activities not only for their own enjoyment but for the enhancement of them during their later life. Many of these activities commence on a Young Kippers camp located around Falleentium in states such as Hastiga, Verzoonium and Delnour.

There are a vast range of activities that young people take part in such as firelighting, archery and orienteering to prepare a young person for any outdoor adventure which the Kippers also take part in. Several hikes take place a year and range from two to four days where the Young Kippers hike several miles whilst cooking their own food and pitching tents.

On the 14th of September every year Nigel Farage starts his tour of the Young Kipper camps to promote the organisation to the general public and engage with many of the members. Farage often is accompanied by Joseph Leonard Summers, the Vice Chairman of the party.

UKIP Membership Based Upon State Edit

State Membership Count
Cartria 12,566
Hastiga 7,010
Verzoonium 36,000
Jalberter 21, 253
Veldunium 5,009
Balbarno 7,181
Entloland 6,113
Darpartryo 26,006
Delooiium 7,052
Melmorri 14,702
Tapanuo 17,502
Tarbanos 9,810
Delnour 2,525
Reellam 5,035
Osten Helkar 1,153
Port Anderson 2,003
Port Collinger 2,003
Port Katharina 601
Port Mecoo 812